Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mamma Zu vs MSFC Sunday Sept 12th

First game of the season and we had a little rust, a little adjustment to some new faces but we came away with a point. MSFC is a group of experienced Masters that played real well. Superb goal tending by their team kept the Zu from getting anywhere in the first half. They scored 2 goals quickly. We got our rhythm together and put together some counter attacks and Tomaso had a finesse pass lofting over their huge defenders and Yoni there for a header to make our first mark a beauty right past the tenders futile but brave efforts at a save. Meanwhile, Brien goes for a header and one of their defenders goes for his head instead of the ball. Blood all over again like last years opener. Brien goes off wondering if his #13 jersey might be bad luck for someone else next time. 2-1 half. We did not give up and came back at half strong. We noticed them slow down in the second half and our defense and goal tending kept is in the game. Matt got taken down but an over zealous defender and scored a beautiful free kick sailing over the goalies' hands and curving into the right upper corner to tie. Matt had a second chance and scored from the left side with another pretty kick that the keeper had no play on. Time is marching on and MSFC are pressing. They find a hole in a cluster around our goalie Joao and the ball ends up in the back of the net with our defense all taking the blame. We are a humble modest bunch back there ready to take the responsibility. We will take the tie and be happy about it, because this was a very good team and they will fight us for position all season I am sure. Good luck MSFC and great played match all around. 3-3 tie. Matt 2 goals, Yoni 1 goal. Tomaso 1 assist.

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