Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scrimmage between Edo Squid and Mamma Zu

Our game was rained out today and I got a text from Gabor from Edo's saying, "lets play!!!!!"
Quick text and email to the crew and we were able to play out there at Doug Wilder MS. Thanks for making this job easy by responding if you could not make it and being able to make a good showing with 9. It was a good game, even though we were missing some key defense. We got a jump on them with a 2-0 lead. beautiful shots by Cosmin. We scored 2 more goals by others and I will add them if they tell me in an email. They scored 3 on us to take it to half. We equalized in the second half but they came on strong with a decimated back line. Good scrimmage all around as it was great to get our foot on the ball.

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