Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Zu vs Sticky Rice

Well Gents,

It was a successful season. I had 3 goals this season and we accomplished at least one of them. Winning the championship was a goal distance from us. It was a well played game and it was exciting for both teams. Cosmin came through with a great goal and Paul gets the assist. We will have to settle for a 1-1 tie and second place in Div 4.

Good news is we will be promoted. It was the goal that we had to get to 3rd division.

Ryan played his last game as a Zu'er. We will also loose Jay.

Look for a dinner in January. Josh and I spoke with Ed at Mamma Zu and he said because of the holidays it is hard to schedule anything until things simmer down. We will likely have a combined dinner on a Sunday with Zu Tu. Details to come.

Since Ryan will miss the dinner we will have a gathering in the next few weeks.

Good result this season gents.

Now time for indoor

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