Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lion's United 2 vs Mamma Zu 2 Tie

Early morning games are sometimes tough on the younger guys. They tend to stay up late "studying" for exams on Saturday night. We missed out on the young guys today and could have used some fresh legs. We only had 11 the whole game. Ironman style.
Starting a game at 9 near the trees, our field was wet from the dew. Sun was low and in the eyes of the goalie. My brilliance of choosing the dry side and the side where the opposing goalie would have the sun in his eyes did not bode well for us as I would have liked. The Lions scored first. They had numbers this time., 7 subs to our no subs. It made up for the last meeting when we drubbed them and they only had 10.
We answered with another goal immediately after. Manny headed a ball crossed to him and then right before the goalie was going to grab it, Adrien heads it just past his reach for the equalizer. There was much rejoicing. And calls to get another one. Only it was the Lions turn again. After a questionable start where the ref was addressing our defense, they capitalized on the confusion with some fancy passing, and put it away. We tried to score again. Alex had some wonderful shots on frame. Only 3 of them hit the post. Bad luck. We got a hand ball in their box and PK hammered the goal home with a crafty fake to the left and got the goalie to bite, then hit it right for the back of the net to gather.
2-2 tie, hard fought by both teams.
Other than Michael Archer getting kicked while he was on the ground and the one guy retaliating for some puishing and shoving, it was a clean match with good reffing. We even hit the ref with a soccer ball during warm ups and it didn't cost us.
Manny not only got an assist, but a bee sting as well. I hope he is OK, He said that Koreans were impervious to that stuff.
Lets hope we win one here soon. We have been playing very well but have to start scoring some more goals.
I was washing the jerseys after the game
Next game 1:00 PM Mamma Zû FC vs. Capital City Crew Bryan Park. Man we are playing more games there this year woot!
I am instituting a new recognition. I was doing the laundry as our captain's duties dictate. I have always noticed that MVP players on the field in goal results. I also want to institute the "shout" award. The double entandre of "giving a shout out" and the stain remover "shout" will be given each week. I win this week with the most engrained mud and grass stains on the jersey. It was from that retaliation tackle from behind that guy gave me. However in the spirit of hard play and sacrifice, there were two runners up. THe jersey numbers were 16 and 17 with equal dirt and crud. I suspect it was none other than my two cohorts in the defense Ryan and Michael Archer, who played stellar D and it showed in the amount of stain remover i used. Maybe at the banquet we will give a spent bottle of Shout to the winner.


  1. Was good to see what we can do as Iron men! When 11players play for 90minutes with no subs, brought back memories.
    Hey Mike D. I think Les also as 1 goal in the game we lost 5 - 2

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  3. The team that played on yesterday, should always be the starting team for Mama Zu, and the rest can come in as subs. No telling how we can win some games with that setup.

  4. I think 16 and 17 are Ryan and Cosmin, actually.