Sunday, October 24, 2010

Capital City Crew 2 Vs Mamma Zu 2 TIE

A beautiful day for playing soccer with the sun shining and temps in the low 70s. Thanks to old Zooer Robert Cataldo and John from Sticky Rice for sticking around to watch the game. Nice to have some of the old guard cheering us on.
We played these guys back in 5th Division. They played us well then as well as today. They had one sub. We had 6 subs. Yet another hard fought tie. We played a great game over all as we have in every game this season. We scored first with Justin making a great pass to Cosmin and Cosmin, who had the best game as a Zooer put it home. He played like an animal. Maybe it is because he was showing off for his son. Bring him to all the games. Crew came back shortly after on a broken play and scored. Half time.
We were happy with the play, but determined to win this one. We had the wind and the sun in their goalie's eyes this half. Their goalie was not the normal goalie for them. But he made some fantastic saves. We had many chances to put this game away with him foiling our efforts. They shot one from the 20 mark and man that one had some zip that beat Jay just past his left hand. Rocket. We were on our heels but came back with a solid effort by Andy to force an error and Adrien was there for the picking. Sweet move to get by the goalie and it was back of the net. Sweetness. I hope we are able to win a game this season, we have been playing to win and it has just not gone our way. We will take the point though.
Shout out rewards go to Les, who had the most grass stains on his jersey. Who ever was wearing #9 had a feather on his jersey. I don't remember anyone running into a bird on the field. Ryan takes the Shout out award this week with the most stain stick used. Honorable mentions go to me ()() and Daniel who had some blood on his, 8 looked like he had tomato sauce on his and 15 had some good dirt on the shoulder.

Next up Richmond Blaze. Lets win it.

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