Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mamma Zu vs Capital Ale House 4-2 WIN!!!!

We finally got a W. And I am not talking about an ex president either.
We came out storming with goals to take a 2-0 lead stunning a squad that beat us last season, and probably looked at our record and fatally underestimated us. They were like a hornets nest poked by a stick. We got another goal to take it to 3-0. The most goals we have scored all year.
We were thirsty for some soda after the game so we took it to half with the lead intact, even though we got a little soft. Complacency is a scourge every team deals with. We just need to make sure we get complacent after the game from now on. A had ball called in the box led to thier first goal
Second half we had some breakdowns and they scored twice, causing some consternation. We had a tough fight in the second half as Ale house was fired up to win. They showed some good spirited play finding our holes and scoring. With time running low the pressure was put on. We had a goal called back on a questionable offside call. If it was questionable because it was Adrien. If it were Manny or Cosmin, it would have been guaranteed off. Andy was offside but they over looked it and called Adrien.
We sealed the game with a goal late with a few minutes left.

Goals are wildly abundant today. Cosmin was showing off for his Dad and son by scoring 2 goals. James had a goal and an assist. Andy had an assist and Alex had a great day feeding goals with two assists.

One more game to go in the season. I will be talking to Mamma Zu to set up our dinner in the next few weeks after the season. It will be on a Tuesday or Wednesday around 8:30pm. We all have to be there at the same time because they frown on latecomers. We will meet at my house for beers before hand. More details coming.

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