Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cap Ale 5 Mamma Zu 2 LOSS

Loosing is never fun. It hurts. But we are not above loosing. We can beat every team in this league. A friend once told me over a game of pool, "I can miss every shot on the table". Those guys came out of the gates scoring. Hard to overcome a 4-0 deficit.

We did give them a run for their money. That is all I ask of you guys. Play until the whistle blows. A full 90 minutes is what we came for. Let's give them that 90 with effort. Never give up the ship. The other thing I will ask is to lose noblely. If we start sniping at eachother we will never get back in the game. Head down and get to it. And we did.

Some bad luck for us at the net and good saves by thier goalie and hard defense won this game for them.

Play positive my brethren.

Ok recap,

fast dudes can score. And thier one fast guy had 3.

I have never seen a ref take back a call. Glad it was one against me that he took back. I think the player obstructed me, sopped and I tried to get around him and he fell and tied up my legs. Glad he rethunk it.

Goals for us to keep us alive. Thanks to Eric for 1 goal and 1 assist. Kevin with a goal with an assist from Josh W we think. Anyone want to clear that up if it is wrong?

Champions lose with grace. But come back all the harder for the next team. I feel sorry for them.

Next up Morelos 1 pm next Sunday

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