Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mamma Zu vs Morales 2-1 WIN!

We can come home with a win, 3 points, with a whole lot of drama. I thought we were going to loose that game. We were possessing the ball for most of the game. We were tied 0-0. Cosmin tried to score a second after their goalie nabbed the ball. It was loose and it was a fraction of a sec too late for Cosmin. It was a foul. The ref called it. Their goalie stood up and ranted some profanities and shoved Coz to the ground. Or that is how dramatic it seemed. Red card.
Well, we just could not score.
They found a way though. With 5 minutes left in the match, they put one over poor Celvin's head and into the goal. 1-0
All seemed lost.
But Eric had other plans. Fed perfectly by Kevin, Eric had a sure goal. A defender leveled Eric in the box. Penalty kick for Eric 1-1
2 minutes left.
They had a few runs at goal, but Ryan started a counter attack with a long ball to Eric and he sent us home with 3 points in the standings

We are alive and well in the hunt for moving up to 3rd. Div

Next up, final game. Sticky Rice

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