Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cap Ale vs Mamma Zu 1-2 loss

Hate to lose to those guys. I think we played a pretty solid passing game and had some good ops for scoring. We just couldn't buy one. Always the way with Cap Ale.

The positives are we had some good play from a lot of people. Some of the negativity is disheartening, but I want to put that behind us and start to gel as a team. The other teams love it when we are sniping at each other. It is a personal choice to just keep a cool head. As in the words of some Jet from West side. "reeeeeal Coooooool boy" Support your teammates and keep everything positive. We are here to enjoy soccer.

Thank you Alex for a beautiful goal in the last 2 minutes. We never gave up and we took it to them.

We are going to have to sub. If you are not getting the playing time you thought you were going to get, I will personally refund your fees. I want everyone on the same page. Play hard and expect to have a sub. Make the most of your shift. There are teams that have 22 guys. There are different ways of going about subs and all of them were proposed at halftime. I will say it again like we started the game. I want to run 20 minutes, then do subs. We can make it quicker in the second half but we need to be able to go out and play a solid shift. That is the guideline I will use. Believe me, I want everyone to get ample playing time. We had 16 today. 2 guys were out. We will likely have games with 18. This squad is the best I feel Mamma Zu has ever had. Lets roll with it and play the beautiful game.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 4, 2011 - MZ2

December 4, 2011 - MZ1

Zu vs Sticky Rice

Well Gents,

It was a successful season. I had 3 goals this season and we accomplished at least one of them. Winning the championship was a goal distance from us. It was a well played game and it was exciting for both teams. Cosmin came through with a great goal and Paul gets the assist. We will have to settle for a 1-1 tie and second place in Div 4.

Good news is we will be promoted. It was the goal that we had to get to 3rd division.

Ryan played his last game as a Zu'er. We will also loose Jay.

Look for a dinner in January. Josh and I spoke with Ed at Mamma Zu and he said because of the holidays it is hard to schedule anything until things simmer down. We will likely have a combined dinner on a Sunday with Zu Tu. Details to come.

Since Ryan will miss the dinner we will have a gathering in the next few weeks.

Good result this season gents.

Now time for indoor

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mamma Zu vs Morales 2-1 WIN!

We can come home with a win, 3 points, with a whole lot of drama. I thought we were going to loose that game. We were possessing the ball for most of the game. We were tied 0-0. Cosmin tried to score a second after their goalie nabbed the ball. It was loose and it was a fraction of a sec too late for Cosmin. It was a foul. The ref called it. Their goalie stood up and ranted some profanities and shoved Coz to the ground. Or that is how dramatic it seemed. Red card.
Well, we just could not score.
They found a way though. With 5 minutes left in the match, they put one over poor Celvin's head and into the goal. 1-0
All seemed lost.
But Eric had other plans. Fed perfectly by Kevin, Eric had a sure goal. A defender leveled Eric in the box. Penalty kick for Eric 1-1
2 minutes left.
They had a few runs at goal, but Ryan started a counter attack with a long ball to Eric and he sent us home with 3 points in the standings

We are alive and well in the hunt for moving up to 3rd. Div

Next up, final game. Sticky Rice

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cap Ale 5 Mamma Zu 2 LOSS

Loosing is never fun. It hurts. But we are not above loosing. We can beat every team in this league. A friend once told me over a game of pool, "I can miss every shot on the table". Those guys came out of the gates scoring. Hard to overcome a 4-0 deficit.

We did give them a run for their money. That is all I ask of you guys. Play until the whistle blows. A full 90 minutes is what we came for. Let's give them that 90 with effort. Never give up the ship. The other thing I will ask is to lose noblely. If we start sniping at eachother we will never get back in the game. Head down and get to it. And we did.

Some bad luck for us at the net and good saves by thier goalie and hard defense won this game for them.

Play positive my brethren.

Ok recap,

fast dudes can score. And thier one fast guy had 3.

I have never seen a ref take back a call. Glad it was one against me that he took back. I think the player obstructed me, sopped and I tried to get around him and he fell and tied up my legs. Glad he rethunk it.

Goals for us to keep us alive. Thanks to Eric for 1 goal and 1 assist. Kevin with a goal with an assist from Josh W we think. Anyone want to clear that up if it is wrong?

Champions lose with grace. But come back all the harder for the next team. I feel sorry for them.

Next up Morelos 1 pm next Sunday