Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mamma Zu vs Glanville TIE


We know it all too well. It is a point. A positive point.

We passed the ball well, controlled it the majority of the time. One goofy goal on a set play. Bad luck. We had awesome production from the old guard. James with some awesome footwork to get free and see a streaming Cosmin for the tie goal.

Their goalie was fantastic. We shot right at him a lot, but there were some saves he made that were unreal. He kept them in it till the end and we were peppering them with shots and pressuring them till the whistle.

I dont even want to have a vote on refs this week. Although they did make some good offside calls for us. I wish his vision was better for the deliberate hand ball and the cleat first slide tackle on me, or the multiple other non-calls that were boggling. But we need to make it happen on the pitch. We must know we cant wait for them.

We will meet next week for a scrim with our team for a practice.

Next opponent Lions United. Another chance to overcome previous tie games. After last season we almost tied every game. So we need to break the tradition with them.

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