Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mamma Zu vs Lion's 7-0 WIN

We played Lions to a win finally. We had tied them so many times.
Happy Birthday wish come true to Brendan. He got his birthday goal. Les, we tried to get you the ball too, but at least you got an assist. Eric was a machine, 2 goals and 1 assist. Celvin had a beautiful heel kick for a goal. Bill had a rocket from the top of the key. Greg brought his A game. 2 Assists. Alex was all over with one goal and 1 assist. Paul had a nice goal. Joao played his last game as a Zu'er. He got the shut out and we tried to get him a goal, but he will dream about his assist on the plane to Brazil. Thank you for your years of service and helping us reach new heights of soccer. An era is coming to an end. We will miss you and Jackie very much. We will plan on 2014. Make sure there is floor space at your moms house. And I hope you land the job, good luck with that.

Final games are tough. Celvin will be our goalie for the remainder of the season. Thanks for stepping in C.

Tuesday night we have a copa bruce tournament game against Resistance. 6pm Dorey Park.

3 more games in the season and they will be tough. Next Sunday we will play possibly the best team in the league. But we can play with these guys. Sticky Rice 1pm Dorey park.

After that Cap Ale and Morelos


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