Sunday, October 2, 2011

mamma Zu vs reQuire group

Tie 2-2
oh how lonely that first word is. It can be joyous when a team is behind and saves a loss. The other team was able to feel that. While we feel the burn of the tie. We have been there before. Loosing a win in the last seconds. We need to work on that. It was both an unlucky goal and preventable. They hustled it. And they gained themselves a point and took two away from us. So ties are positive. We did not loose. We played well against them and they struggled. They were a man down. Our passing was able to keep us in the game, but it was close the whole match.We would have needed a two goal buffer to feel confident for the win. We will have to learn to keep the ball away from them with a lead late in the game. Think about how we can do it differently for the future. It will likely rear it's ugly head again this season. We need to over come that. But it was a team loss guys. And blame lies squarely here. Let's keep the finger pointing at me. It is more constructive.
Some good things to see were our tenacity of not giving up. We had some strings of good plays through out the match. Both goals coming from PKs attributed to Eric are what we needed at the right moments. I gave Alex the assist because he unselfishly gave Eric the PK's and he caused the penalties.
One of the shining moments of the game were when a player came late and there were Jersey's short for the amount of players. Brendan volunteered his jersey so that player could play. He sacrificed for the team yet again. I am sure the reason was the same as last time, when Brendan came off the field after 7 minutes and I said you just got out there, and he said "I want to win". I started tearing up. Well, not in front of you guys, but we need to thank Brendan for the sportsmanship award. I also felt bad about the limited playing time some of us had, including me. Dermot was injured, not serious but I was remiss about not getting him time. Some of this will shake out when we have less players for certain games as I know this is going to happen in this schedule we have. Hang in there.
I have an order for a few extra jerseys in at Strictly Soccer. Also, I want to get new socks. I will get a price but Mamma Zu will probably not pay for them, so if you want a set of socks, we will have to buy them on our own.

OK, some negatives. The refs were pretty good but they did miss some fouls that I thought were very dangerous. Alex got seriously bruised with an egg on the shin. Josh was clobbered and was down for a few counts with bloody lip. I just scrubbed out the blood from his jersey. Andy got clobbered as well and hurt his ribs but was able to come back. I am sure it will hurt tomorrow. Jay got nailed on that last goal. These guys played rough. The only one I felt was bad was Josh but I don't think it was malicious. The one guy playing defense started telling the line judge after they gave a red card for the hand ball, that he should put a white jersey on. He kept it up and he got a yellow. Then they scored, so it made that last goal taste all the more bitter. I think we deserved to win, but earned a tie. I have a feeling the other team felt robbed with the PKs but both would have been goals.

So I will leave you with this.
It is good to have Bill back from his injury.
It is good to have Celbin for Jay's replacement.
It is good we have a point instead of none.
It is a good bunch of guys we play with, so lets keep it even keeled.

Looking forward:
Date Time Field Team

10/9/2011 3:00 PM Bryan Park "C" Glanville FC
10/16/2011 BYE Most likely a scrim
10/23/2011 9:00 AM Bryan Park "A" Lions United
10/30/2011 1:00 PM Dorey Park #3 Sticky Rice
11/6/2011 3:00 PM Dorey Park #6 Capital Ale FC I
11/13/2011 1:00 PM Bryan Park "C" Morelos

More schedule to come *cup games?

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